Montgomery Single Malt


_mg_7935Made from Montana barley malted near Great Falls, the first Montgomery Single Malt barrels were set down in 2013.

The spirit is aging in 52-gallon, charred, new American oak barrels and ex-bourbon barrels. Experiments with various used casks and casking methods will produce special releases.

Our first single malt release was celebrated November 18, 2016 with bagpipers, drummers, and Highland dancers from Celtic Dragon Pipe Band. The three-year old whiskey sold out in the tasting room within two weeks. Toffee, malt and winter spice mix with nougat and baked apple on the finish.

Our four-year old was released in November 2017 and we think it’s even better. Honey notes, deeper spice and a fuller, more complex profile affirm that the whiskey is maturing as we intended.

A five-year old release is planned for November 2018.

Check with our retail partners to find out which releases may still be in stock.

Photo: Chris La Tray