Sudden Wisdom Rye

IMG_7659The mash bill for Sudden Wisdom Rye is composed of 100% Montana and Canada rye, which we mill, ferment, distill and bottle right here in Missoula.  The first releases have spent at least two years resting in 53 gallon, heavy char, American white oak casks. With heartening notes of spice, dried ripe apple, and autumn leather, Sudden Wisdom is evocative of Neil Young’s Live Rust, according to distiller Christopher Conley.

In 2015, we set down the first casks of Sudden Wisdom made from rye grown at the Montgomery family farm near Lewistown, Montana.  By 2020, we expect all our standard Sudden Wisdom releases to be made from our own rye.

We plan to release three barrels (75 cases) every other month, so stock may run low at times. By casking 48 barrels a year we will gradually increase the age of our standard release.  Special cask expressions are forthcoming in sherry, cognac, and Sauternes.  Enjoy wisely!

Photo: Shawntain