Skadi Aquavit

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Skadi Aquavit is named for the Norse goddess of bowhunting, winter, mountains, and justice. It honors the many Scandinavians who settled in Montana during the homestead boom of the 1910s.

Skadi is distilled from Rocky Mountain Winter Wheat in our traditional copper pot-column still and infused with aromatic botanicals.  During our final spirit run, caraway seed, bog myrtle, dried lemon peel and other ingredients are suspended in our vapor basket while a select few of these are placed directly into the pot still. After attentive distillation, the result is this bright but savory spirit handcrafted in the Scandinavian tradition. Conservative distiller’s cuts yield 55-gallon batches.  Enjoy aquavit chilled, with a traditional toast of friendship.

Photo: Corina Pile