Quicksilver Vodka

Not all vodkas are created equal.  Many are made from neutral grain spirit purchased from large agribusiness manufacturers and bottled for sale.  Others may be made from excellent grain and water but in small stills which lack the capacity to rectify the spirit to the requisite clarity, no matter how many times it is redistilled.

Quicksilver Vodka is produced from local wheat in our traditional still, which employs a towering 21-plate rectifying column to bring the alcohol vapor to its ideal concentration, while maximum contact with copper helps purify the spirit of off-flavors.  We make large “heads” and “tails” cuts, bottling only the purest “heart” of the run.  A final chill-filtration finishes the spirit.  The result expresses the bounty and beauty of the Rocky Mountain wheat belt and the sublime clarity of the landscape we love.

Photo: Daria Mochan