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Food & Wine: 50 Best New Bars in America

  MONTGOMERY DISTILLERY Missoula, MT After five generations of family agriculture, Montgomery Distillery produces top-notch, small-batch vodka, gin and whiskey. Visitors to the tasting room bar can sample the popular Go Gingerly cocktail made with Whyte Laydie gin, muddled ginger, basil and grapefruit. Read: Food & Wine: 50 Best New Bars in America  

Redbook Drink Watch: 39 Trending Cocktails We Love

Ever wonder exactly what bartenders put in your fancy cocktail? At Montgomery Distillery, you can watch even the spirits being made. Guests at this historic hotspot, whose building has been in the liquor trade since 1889, enjoy their drinks while watching the grain-to-bottle process—and their Whyte Laydie gin, the base of the popular Go Gingerly, is distilled from […]

Happiest Hour: Date Night at Montgomery Distillery and Wilma Theatre

MISSOULA–October 22, 2013– Jessica Mayrer with the Missoula Independent What you’re doing: It can be tough to muster much enthusiasm to leave the house on a typical Tuesday night. Montgomery Distillery and the Wilma Theater are hoping to change that by luring locals downtown for a screaming Date Night special. This month the two businesses […]

Missoula Economic Partnership Angel Network Connecting Entrepreneurs With Capital

Missoula-August 25, 2013-InBusiness Weekly Anyone who has walked down Front Street in Missoula lately has probably noticed the massive, gleaming copper tanks and serpentine pipes in the windows at Montgomery Distillery. Walk through the door and you’ll see that the tasting room is constantly buzzing with happy patrons. The new distillery, which opened in late […]

But How Does It Taste? The Indy Partakes in a Blind Test to See if Local Spirits Stack Up

  Missoula-August 1, 2013–Missoula Independent Reading about Montana’s emerging microdistillery industry is nice and all, but deciding to spend hard-earned cash on a still-maturing product is another thing entirely. In the name of independent journalism and in the interest of new discoveries, we selected 15 bottles for a blind taste test that would not only […]

Big Spirit Country

MISSOULA – August 1, 2013– by Alex Sakariassen with the Missoula  Independent On a recent Wednesday evening, most of the activity at the Rhino in downtown Missoula is concentrated around a cluster of cocktail glasses and liquor bottles at the end of the bar. Each label brandishes some quirky name, like Orphan Girl, Glacier Dew […]

Montgomery Distillery cocktail makes national list

Missoula–April 18, 2013–Kate Whittle with the Missoula Independent Montgomery Distillery just opened in September, but it’s already won some national attention. New York Magazine featured the Missoula business in its “Outstanding Drinks from All 50 States” round-up. The magazine chose to highlight the recipe for Montgomery’s slightly tart and spicy Black Diamond, a cocktail combining vodka, honey […]

Missoula Distillery's Cocktail Makes Best-of List in New York Magazine

Missoula April 27, 2013 9:00 pm  •  By Jenna Cederberg Missoula residents have been flocking to Montgomery Distillery for the past seven months in search of artisan cocktails made with vodka and gin distilled in its basement. Along with serving twists on the classics like the Moscow Mule and White Russian (called the Dude Abides at Montgomery), cocktail […]

High Spirits: Distillery Feeds Missoula's Cocktail Resurgence

There’s no doubt the new distillery will challenge local palates. Montgomery’s current menu boasts a few familiar names, such as the Moscow mule and a standard vodka tonic. But he plans to balance those with an ever-changing lineup of more experimental cocktails. The choice of mixers behind the bar right now includes a sour cherry and a pineapple-rosemary syrup, key ingredients in the new cocktail recipes Jenny Montgomery is creating.

Front Street Building Returns to Its 19th Century Glory as Montgomery Distillery

Four working men in worn-out suits and dusty fedoras stare down from life-size black-and-white mounts on the west wall of the tasting room at the Montgomery Distillery. It’s been almost a century since the drinking buddies posed for the picture near the railroad tracks outside Missoula’s Atlantic Hotel in 1915. It’s a safe bet they also shared spirits on barstools near what is now 129 W. Front St…